Tuesday, October 06, 2009


The morning wakes up,
Stretching and yawning

The sun sneaks in to my room,
Caressing my face with its uncomfortably warm hands,
Disturbing my sleep,
Dragging me out of slumber

The gentle breeze pushes the heavy linen curtains
To get in to the room,
And ask me, patting gingerly on my back,
To open my eyes

Faraway the loudspeakers sing Bhajans
The birds on the trees in the backyard start the morning ragas

In my house, a velvet like voice rises,
Melodious like best of the ragas
The holy words from the holy book
Wrapped in my Grandma’s voice

It fills the ambience with tranquillity,
A strange kind of serenity
Pervades my soul
I enjoy the moments of bliss,
Keeping my eyes closed,
Body motionless

The aroma of Arhar dal pervades my room
As the cooker whistles in the kitchen
Again and again
I return to my senses.

The sound of loudspeakers
The twittering of birds
The gusts of wind
The warmth and glow of Sun
Everything is there

But no voice rises from the Grand ma’s room.


Hector Macdonald said...

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Gita Madhu said...

Very tender...

ummi said...

So beautiful and graphic. Reminds me of my younger days, but my memory would be the smell of fish curry wafting up to my bedroom. This was during my late teens when getting up at midday was the order of the day.. my mom would lament..who would want to marry a girl like this hehe

just nour said...

OMG Abdullah, it's amazing amazing poem !

so soft and warm like a lullaby ... you wrote it in a very touching way,

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